Homeschool Activities, Groups, and Events

Due to the hard work of homeschool families, and the generosity of the local community, we have access to a large number of activities-many of which are not available to government or private schools due to logistics. A majority of these activities are during the day so that they can be incorporated into our children’s everyday learning.

Here is a partial list of what activities, groups, events, and classes could be available to homeschool students this year. If you have any questions about the programs, or if no contact information is provided, please email us at and we will get back to you.

***PLEASE NOTE- All activities have been updated as of September 5th, 2019, but more activities or opportunities could be added in the future.

Animal Wonders

Art Classes

Art Shows


Book Clubs

*Cascade County Homeschoolers Yahoo Group

Chess Club

Climbing Club/Rock Climbing

Conferences and Conventions

Curriculum Sales

Dance Classes

Drama Club

Dual-Enrollment for GFPS and College Help


Field Trips

Formal and Family Dances

Game Days and Gaming


Geography Bee

Graduation Ceremony

Great Falls Central Catholic School Classes

*Great Falls Christian Homeschoolers on Facebook

*Great Falls Homeschoolers on Facebook

*Great Falls Secular Homeschoolers on Facebook

Great Falls Symphony Youth Matinee

*Groups of Montana Homeschoolers Online

Group Discounts


Homeschool 4-H Clubs

Homeschool Legal Defense Organizations

Learning Co-ops

Library Happenings

Local Homeschool Discounts

Martial Arts

Military/Malmstrom AFB Homeschoolers

Music Classes

*Nature Club

Orchestra (Youth)

Park Days

P.E. Classes



Roller Skating

Science Fairs


Sign Language Classes

Skiing and Snowboarding

Special Needs Support

Speech/Junior Toastmasters Class


Team Sports like Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball

Teen Hangouts


Volunteering Opportunities

Writing Workshop

As a non-profit organization, CMOAH supports and encourages all homeschool activities, groups, and events (AGEs) throughout Central Montana. Because of the wide-range of AGEs available, each AGE has its own set of requirements to participate. CMOAH maintains a neutral stance regarding politics and religion regardless of the AGEs’ requirements. Coordinators of, volunteers for, and participants in any AGE may not share CMOAH’s neutrality regarding politics or religion. CMOAH, with approval, may be used as an intermediary between coordinators and financial/insurance institutions for large events. Please do not hesitate to contact CMOAH at if you have any questions regarding its role in the homeschool community or its role in AGEs in the area.


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