How does one even pronounce CMOAH?

Imagine a small, South Pacific country named Samoa, and say it the same way! You can also choose to use our long name: Central Montana Organization for the Advancement of Homeschooling. But, as you might be thinking, who has time to say all of that?

The mission of CMOAH is to support educational opportunities and social interaction amongst homeschool students and their families in central Montana.

CMOAH was created by homeschool parents to help enrich our ever-expanding homeschool community by providing a framework to help support, inform, and encourage students and families who choose to homeschool. We take no position on politics, religion, or other non-homeschooling issues.

We are here to fill the gap between homeschoolers and the community by allowing community members and businesses access to our community through a non-profit organization. Having a non-profit, whose best interest is the homeschooling community itself, allows its members to have access to previously unavailable private grants, donations, and scholarships.

CMOAH members do not pay dues. All of our funding comes from donations. We would like you to join us during membership meetings so you can share your ideas and opinions!

CMOAH is a non-profit organization, under Section 501 (c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

One Comment

  1. My introductory, is this where I put it? I cannot find where it goes. This is Deb Scherrer. Could there be a place to receive emails when something is posted? That way, people like me who are not computer savvy can get updates on new activities without having to search for it. Thanks.


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