Notice of Intent to Homeschool Form

Resized_20180717_123719.jpegIn Montana, one of the requirements for homeschooling is to notify your county superintendent of your intent to homeschool (children ages 7-18). If you are in Cascade County, you can use their form or you can write your own letter of intent. The link for the form is below. They also have copies of the document at their office if you do not have a printer.

We suggest you print it, fill it out, bring it into the superintendent’s office located at 121 4th St. North Ste. 1A (Behind the building, where the covered porch entrance is sticking out.), and after they stamp it, ask for a copy so you can show it to businesses who allow for educator discounts. You can mail it, however, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so your copy is able to be returned to you.

Many colleges and the military do require confirmation that you followed State Law regarding filing this notice of intent, so you should consider keeping a copy for your child’s records (rather than having to request it from the superintendent).

If you are outside of Cascade County, please contact your county superintendent for more information on how you file your notice of intent there.

Teacher Prep Event at Target

Next week (July 15th-21st) Target will be having a Teacher Prep event and teachers get a 15% discount on select Teacher Prep items.

We have been in contact with Target’s corporate office over the last couple of days and this will be available for homeschool parents and the website to sign up should be available later tonight or tomorrow. The website to sign up to get your one-time-use promo code/coupon is

We also checked with our Great Falls Target and they will be participating in this event. You can also use your promo code teacher event